The earliest and most frequent manifestation of a spinal tumor is spinal pain. It is static, mechanical and limits physical activities. It is present in 90-95% of patients. They initially describe it as a mild pain that often makes them nervous about their activities, and then it becomes stronger and more progressive causing pain during the day and at night that limits daily activities. and disturbs the peace of sleep. Over time, neurological disorders appear, which are manifested by motor dysfunction (immobility) and sensory dysfunction. Patients usually complain about the loss of sensation in the limbs, the feeling of their weakness, and over time they completely lose their sensitivity (paralysis).

 The tumor begins to grow

Limitation of leg mobility is known as lower paraplegia. While limitation or paralysis of four limbs is known as quadriplegia. Neurological disorders are Bolivia WhatsApp Number List also manifested by sphincter dysfunction. Patients complain about urination disorder. The inability to urinate, and the inability to hold urine. There is also disorder of the anal ring muscle (problems with defecation). Diagnosis often patients come too late or when symptoms of sphincter disorders are associated with other diseases (prostate hypertrophy in men). Therefore, the diagnosis must be carried out according to a correctly defined protocol – a scheme that includes. Complete examination of the condition detailed questions about all the patient.

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All these, in terms of biomechanical

Symptoms and careful control especially in relation to neurological problems. An X-ray of the spine is the first step in determining the diagnosis. It provides data on osteolytic points in the vertebrae (spots in the vertebrae). Pathological fractures, vertebral body shrinkage, or spinal deformity or instability may then be seen on x-rays, even though Turkey WhatsApp Number List there is no activity-induced injury. Computed tomography – is an excellent diagnostic procedure for bone structure. It clearly shows osteolysis, destruction, pathological fractures and instability. Magnetic resonance imaging is the gold standard for diagnosing spinal tumors. It shows the location of the tumor, its spread, if it causes pressure on soft tissues, nerve structures f it has left the body.

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