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Special discount only issue that may be problematic is the correct classification of the contract. Which is particularly problematic in the case of commission contracts and contracts for specific work. However, the topic of our today’s publication will be a discussion of the issue. Of concluding a contract for specific work with the transfer. Of copyright in the context of changes introduc by the Polish Order. Contract for specific work – how to characterize such a contract. By signing a contract for specific work, the employee undertakes to perform a specific task, and the ordering party undertakes to pay remuneration.

The contractor Special discount responsible

For the results of his work. The work must be perform in accordance with the conclud contract and within the specifi time. Neither social security nor health insurance contributions are paid on a contract for specific work, only an income tax advance is collect. However, if a contract for specific work is conclud with an employer with whom we are employ philippines photo editor under an employment contract, it will be cover by the same principles as an employment contract. An employee employ under a contract for specific work, if he does not have any other entitlement to health insurance.

May decide to voluntarily pay

The health insurance premium for this contract. What are copyrights? Before we get to the point of our article, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the concept of copyright and the transfer of copyright. The subject of copyright is every manifestation of creative activity of an individual nature. The creator owns these rights. It is not possible to create a directory that would Phone Number SG list all circumstances that can be consider copyright-relat. The topic of copyright is quite complex, and from the point of view of regulations, a special Copyright Act has been dicat to it.

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