Swelling of the feet occurs as a result of water absorption in the joints and in the lower part of the feet. There are a large number of conditions and diseases that cause the appearance of swelling. The most common causes are: obesity, weakening of the heart or kidneys, osteoarthritis, cirrhosis, fractures, poor nutrition, high blood pressure, reduced thyroid gland function, PMS, poor blood circulation, diseases of the blood vessels. blood… Under the influence of hormones, swelling also appears during pregnancy. The appearance of swelling in the legs and on the soles of the feet is an unpleasant feeling that causes the hindrance of free movement. By practicing the following tips, you can contribute to the reduction of swelling and pain that appear in the legs and joints.

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Use medical stockings for tightening or compression of veins. Their use will help you reduce pain and prevent the absorption of water in the legs or joints. It is important to select the size of the socks, as they should not be too tight. Keep your feet at a Iceland WhatsApp Number List higher level. When sitting, your legs stay down, for this reason, you should always consider lifting or supporting them at a higher level in order to have a better blood circulation. Different yoga positions (especially the one where you lie on the floor with your legs up and against the wall) can help reduce their swelling. Do exercises. Standing or sitting in one place can increase the occurrence of leg swelling.

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The sport that is particularly useful and recommended for this problem is swimming. Reduce body weight. One of the main risk factors for Canada Email List leg swelling is obesity. By reducing body weight, reduce swelling. Avoid salty and spicy food. Consuming salty and spicy foods causes the body to absorb water, making swelling possible. Add magnesium. Taking magnesium is supposed to reduce water retention in the body as well as reduce leg pain. Do not wear tight shoes. If you feel that the shoes are uncomfortable or tight, then replace them with another pair of shoes that are comfortable and make walking easier. Tight shoes cause pressure on the feet causing pain and slow blood circulation which results in swelling.

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