The organism is still acclimatized to the temperatures of hot days, while suddenly the temperatures outside change and our organism experiences all the temperatures of the year in a single day, that’s why the flu is more and more present in this period of the year. This happens as a result of a decline in immunity, which makes the body unable to respond to viruses. Did you know that hugs and kisses make you more resistant to the flu? Read and practice these simple things that will help you strengthen your immunity. Garlic has incredible power Numerous studies have shown that garlic is the number 1 food that helps strengthen the immune system.

Singing reduces stress hormones

Not only does it protect you against the flu.but it also eases the symptoms if you already have the flu. Cope with stress did you know that stress can Kuwait WhatsApp Number List reduce immunity very quickly. Although this is individual, however, managing stress by exercising, meditating. Walking, and socializing with friends keeps the body’s immunity at an optimal level. Laughter is the best medicine laughing out loud is the best medicine. Alternative medicine studies have shown that laughing out loud. Helps relieve stress and increases the number of white blood cells that are responsible for fighting diseases.

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The more friends, the less disease

aughter also improves the function of the heart and thus sends more oxygen to the cells. Singing reduces stress hormones Research from cancer centers around the world has shown that the immune system in patients with malignant diseases Singapore Email List who sing in the choir for an hour. Studies have shown that singing reduces the secretion of stress hormones and increases the activity of the immune system. Water is the source of life Forget sugary liquids and replace them with water. 80% of our body consists of water. Do not allow yourself to reach a dehydrated state, as this state is a stress for the organism, and results in a decrease in the activity of the defense system.

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