Excessive consumption of sweets can affect the increase of your body weight and the appearance of bad cholesterol. Also inform the doctor about physical activities Maybe you don’t go to the gym every day, but there are still other ways to engage in sports activities, and keep your body in good and stable condition. You can go for a walk, you can garden in your yard, and you can ride a bike. Do not ignore the symptoms Don’t forget to tell your doctor about frequent headaches that you don’t pay attention to, as well as chest pain when you stretch. Alcohol consumption and smoking If you drink alcohol often, you should tell your doctor.

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Hiding this information may give incorrect Nepal Phone Number List results. Even if you think that smoking can’t cause you any harm, your doctor needs to know whether or not you are a smoker. Getting regular therapy A large number of patients with chronic diseases do not receive their therapy regularly, as recommended by the doctor. If the reason for not taking the therapy regularly is the side effects they cause, talk to your doctor, he will probably change your therapy. You have a sexually transmitted disease This is also one of the information that you should share with your doctor, if you often change partners and if you practice sexual intercourse without protection.

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This can put you at risk for certain diseases, so you may need to have some additional tests. Certain sexually transmitted diseases require treatment. Often, men are shy to talk about their problems with erectile dysfunction. If there is one place Sweden Phone Number List where you should be honest and tell all your secrets, it is your doctor’s prescription. Forget about shyness, your doctor is there to help you and any information you share with him will be for the benefit of both of you.The “Acibadem Sistina” clinical hospital has performed the methods of this procedure in a pioneering way since the beginning of the opening of the hospital.

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