Taking a sample from the testicular extract (micro tese) is a surgical procedure that is used. To find sperm in patients who do not have sperm during ejaculation (azoospermia). Dr. Aleksandar mickovski, urological surgeon at the. Acibadem sistina” clinical hospital, explains that this method is performed by removing a small part of the tissue from the testicles. From where the sperms are taken while the patient is under the influence of anesthesia. Why is this procedure better than biopsy. This advanced technique makes it possible to direct the biopsy to the best parts. Increasing the chance of finding sperm, removing smaller amounts of tissue compared to a simple biopsy.

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Simple biopsies don’t always give accurate results. Or the doctor can’t find enough sperm by just looking at the outside of the testicles. Micro tese is an advanced procedure which is performed by means of microsurgery. Sperm freezing micro tese can be Nigeria Phone Number List performed as a diagnostic procedure and if sperm is found that can be used. It can be frozen, while the couple is recommended to continue with icsi (effective method for fertilization of egg cells when ejaculation. Parameters are not optimal, or when previous methods of fertilization have not yielded results). Medical drugs and surgical treatments regarding the treatment of male infertility.

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Sperm freezing

With the ICSI method, even the Taiwan Phone Number List most difficult cases of male infertility (with a small number or lack of sperm in the ejaculate) can be successfully treated. In such cases, with the help of several procedures.  Spermatozoa can be obtained from the testicles or from the epididymis. Freezing sperm in men with sperm production problems can be a difficult process. As this sperm is usually in small quantities and freezing cannot be easily achieved. Therefore, they will have a greater chance of pregnancy if it is used fresh, taking it before artificial insemination.The possibility of finding sperm with Micro tese is over 60%. This is twice as likely as finding sperm by needle biopsy, which is not a microsurgical biopsy performed by urologists.

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