Social Selling refers to an online sales strategy that places emphasis on building relationships between the company and potential customers through social media. The goal is to use platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., to build relationships, share useful information, and ultimately drive sales. Here are some key points: Lead Generation: Social selling helps sales managers interact directly with prospects on social media. Information Sharing: This strategy involves sharing information, solutions and other useful content that can create a sales-friendly environment. It’s not Spam: Social selling doesn’t mean sending unsolicited private messages to potential customers.

Linkedin what it is and what it is for

This is considered spam. Different from Bahamas Phone Number List social media marketing. It is important to note that social selling is not the same as social media marketing. Social selling is truly an effective method for selling on linkedin : with the growth of smart working and the widespread use of remote connection tools. Linkedin is a prospecting tool capable of offering many opportunities for developing business relationships. Linkedin for new business: social selling linkedin, as we mentioned. Is also used as a sales tool, i.e. Social selling, and can prove very useful for your company’s sales in order to find new prospects and nurture. Relationships with them and already acquired customers. In fact, through linkedin. Salespeople can interact directly with potential and existing customers.

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How LinkedIn can help businesses

Sharing valuable content , answering their questions and nurturing the relationship until the customer is ready to purchase (lead nurturing). The use of social media in sales allows you to “pamper. Potential customers with content, rather than interrupting their daily lives with cold calls and aggressive sales! A very inbound technique (if you want to Indonesia Phone Number List  learn more about inbound marketing and sales , read our guide ). To do social selling on LinkedIn it is essential to have a company page and a profile with attention to every detail. From the profile image to the page URL and the description up to the editorial plan. To get in touch with your buyer personas, you can use 3 ways: get introduced by a mutual contact.

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