Botulinum toxin is one of the most popular substances in the last decade in terms of aesthetic procedures. With its application. Wrinkles and lines on the face that appear over the years are smoothed out.  Therefore, Botox is used especially for the treatment of forehead wrinkles. Between the eyebrows or above the nose and around the eyes. The effect of botox lasts up to 6 months and then this treatment needs to be repeated. Second step – dermal filler (skin filler) recently. Dermal filler is a popular trend in aesthetic treatment for filling wrinkles or defects on the face. This method is intended to rejuvenate you in a sensitive way. And to give volume to certain parts of the face.

Step Three – PRP Treatment

Dermal filler is used for skin rejuvenation, smoothing and filling wrinkles. Therefore, Lines and pits and marks on the skin. Revitalizes the skin Denmark Phone Number List giving a youthful and fresh look to the skin. The result is visible immediately. Its use is particularly successful for filling and smoothing wrinkles and lines around the nose and mouth. With an effect of 12 months, as well as for highlighting some parts of the face – lips, cheeks which are always present in dermatological aesthetics nowadays. Step three – prp treatment the positive side why this treatment is sought after by people is the natural and safe rejuvenation. The prp (platelet rich plasma) method regenerates. The skin by using the patient’s own plasma (blood).

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The fourth step – Facelifting

It is a completely safe method as it uses the patient’s own mechanisms for skin renewal. As a result, the skin becomes stronger, more elastic, fresher and brighter. Therefore, The advantage of this method is the fact that the results are visible Austria Phone Number List immediately after treatment, and thanks to the cumulative effect, this method guarantees durability and long-term results. The fourth step – Facelifting Facelifting is a method which, with the help of surgery, remodels the skin of the face. It becomes withdrawn and rejuvenated in the opposite direction of gravity. Therefore, To get a complete result, it is also possible to use fat or plasma transplantation.

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