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People have been talking about iOS 13 for a while now. Apple’s year-long schedule of debuts, updates, rumors, and more seems designed to build excitement for their next advancements. There aren’t many new features in iOS 13, but there are plenty of updates to existing apps and settings. It looks like the company is building a foundation, a consistent layer of updates and improvements to build on. Performance isn’t boosted as much as it could be, but small updates will likely work together to make each device faster and perform better.

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Following are some of the updates that iOS 13 offers and how to use them. iOS 13 content [ hide ] Dark mode Apple Maps Photos Privacy Dark mode Perhaps the only notable new feature is Dark Mode , which Apple users have been asking forfor years. The inverted color scheme Malaysia Phone Number Lis allows people to go to a black background that doesn’t use light to fill the pixels. Not only does it save battery life, but it’s also better for your eyes at night. When we use our phones before bed, the light keeps us up and disturbs our sleep. However, that doesn’t mean it’s always good for your eyes. In fact, using dark mode all the time can strain your eyes and make it difficult to see.


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But people like it because of its aesthetics, it looks very nice and they like it because of the battery saving. Apple Maps Whether you’re an Apple user or not, you’re probably aware of the bad reputation of their Maps app. It’s not far from competing with Google, but iOS 13 brings new improvements to the inferior GPS app. They have worked hard to fix it. According to experts at MoneyPug, a Phone Number SG platform known for finding cheap mobile phone insurance in the UK , one thing they have added to the app is a street view feature that allows the user to look around real-world locations with composite images. It’s not as comprehensive as Google’s app, which is more accurate and detailed with buildings, roads, parks, and more.


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