Some people are born with liver problems, while in others liver problems appear during life, as a result of various chemicals, viruses or excessive alcohol consumption. The first signs that indicate that you have a problem with the liver should not be ignored, but medical help should be sought immediately. Skin changes One of the first signs that you have liver problems is a sudden change in your skin. These symptoms include the loss of normal skin color, or the appearance of a yellow tint to the skin as well as yellowing of the nails.

Changes in urine and stools

The cause of the appearance of these symptoms is the fact that the liver. Does not properly expel toxins from the body, and in this way bilirubin is deposited under the skin. Excessive itching or sensitivity of the skin the first signs that indicate that you Paraguay Phone Number List have liver problems can also appear under the skin. This means that over time the itching becomes more severe. And the skin becomes more sensitive to the touch and very easily irritated. Moisturizing the skin with creams in sensitive or irritated areas can relieve these symptoms. Changes in urine and stools some. People can notice the symptoms by changing the color of the urine, which becomes dark.

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Abdominal changes

At first, everyone suspects that it is dehydration. But, if the urine is not transparent even though you drank large amounts of water during the day, then there is a good chance that you have a problem with the liver. Also, the change in the color of the Turkey Phone Number List excrement can be a symptom that indicates that you have a problem with the liver. In such cases, it may be pale, bloody or black in color (tar). Abdominal changes Cramps and pains in the lower part of the abdomen, the appearance of gas in the abdomen can be an indication of a liver disorder. If over time, the problem becomes more serious, ASCITES may develop.

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