Apicotomy is a small oral surgery by means of which the tip of the root of the tooth. Where the pathological process has appeared is removed. Usually it is about the appearance of a cyst or granuloma. This intervention is done when all the modalities of endodontic. Therapy have been performed for the treatment of inflammatory processes which are localized in the bone tissue around the root of the tooth. Therefore, you should not be afraid when the dentist will tell you that you have to do an apicotomy. In this case, you have one more reason to smile because there is still a chance to save your tooth.

How long does an apicotomy take

The dentists at the “acibadem sistina” clinical hospital first advise the patient to film the teeth (radiography) which will serve for the planning of the apicotomy. This intervention is done using local anesthesia. Making it possible for the patient not to feel any pain. The procedure starts by cutting the mucosa of the tooth and by pulling the soft Senegal Phone Number List tissue around the tooth. Enabling access to the root, and then this entire part is cleaned up to the root. Shortening the tip of the root by a few millimeters. The most common conditions that undergo this intervention are: – unsuccessful endodontic treatment – tooth root fracture – curved channel system how long does an apicotomy take.

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What should you take care of after

Depending on the area or tooth where the intervention will be performed. As well as depending on the anatomical characteristics of the tooth. The apicotomy can last from 30-60 minutes. It is thought that this intervention may last less if it is performed in the Uruguay Phone Number List front part (on the first teeth).and rather with regard to the other teeth. What should you take care of after the intervention? After the end of the apicotomy, pain and swelling may appear in the area where the intervention was performed. Therefore, it is advisable to make compresses with cold water.use analgesics and antibiotics against the recommendation of your dentist.

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