A good story manages to immerse the listener in the words and in the narrative path, generating what is technically defined as “narrative listening trance”: a state of alternating listening that leads to identification with the protagonists and which satisfies people’s need to believe , a need that is activated every time you listen to a well-constructed story. But what manages to suspend people’s natural disbelief, to ignore any inconsistencies and to accept the final outcome of the story? The coherent development of the narrative trance experience depends on the structure of the narrative, its characteristics, the media chosen to tell it and the immersive space-time context of the listener.

The structure and placement of stories

This path, in addition to suspending judgement, determines a further effect. It activates the feeling of the marvelous about facts and stories and cancels. The interest in the provability of information. Stories therefore determine an unconditional. Belief in the facts and outcomes of the story and appeal to people’s innate need to trust. Precisely for Algeria Phone Number List this reason. Stories can be an excellent relationship tool, something that helps us resonate in the exchange with a commercia. Interlocutor and transfer personal and corporate value. Stories are also effective in attracting attention. Since we are children we have known that stories are unpredictable; that sooner or later.

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First contact stories

There will be a twist, an unexpected change And it doesn’t end here: the words and images that strike us are deeply imprinted in the memory and can be recalled more easily. Attention, then, is the benefit we can get from stories. A huge advantage if we compare this aspect to the repetitiveness of company presentations and the distractions we are immersed in every day (if you use your smartphone during a meeting, you show the other person Honduras Phone Number List that you have no interest in what they say to you as well as appearing rude. Keep it in mind mind). Sales Storytelling: Definition In the digital age, competition is fierce and getting consumer attention is more difficult than ever.

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