Depending on the establishment of the histopathological diagnosis. The stage of the disease and the findings of the immunohistochemical analysis, hormonal therapy. Chemotherapy or radiation therapy are performed in these patients. Dr. Deva petrova, oncologist at the “acibadem sistina” clinical hospital, says that a combination of these treatment modalities is usually done, depending on the stage of the disease. What is radiation therapy. Radiation therapy means the use of ionizing rays in the treatment of cancer patients. This type of treatment is a local treatment. And aims to achieve local control of the disease or prevent the recurrence of the disease in the breast and regional lymph nodes.

Radiation therapy in breast 

Proliferation of cancer cells, with maximum Honduras WhatsApp Number List protection of the surrounding healthy tissues and the heart . Especially during radiation of the left breast. Radiotherapy has been shown to have a very effective effect in the treatment of breast cance. And significantly increases the rate of recovery and survival. Most people are familiar with external beam radiation and this is the most common type used for treatment. External radiation works on the principle of focusing direct rays on the area of ​​the breast where the cancer is located. While the radiation source is located at a certain distance from the patient. Urgical treatment has been performed, and in certain cases after mastectomy otherwise called radical surgical treatment.

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During radiation therapy

Radiation therapy can be used alone or combined with chemotherapy or hormone therapy to reduce the chance of cancer recurrence. When the cancer cannot be safely removed with the help of surgical therapy. Then radiation therapy can be Arabia Email List combined with chemotherapy. In cases where the woman refuses surgical intervention for the treatment of cancer that has metastasized to the bones or brain for the relief of pain or other. Symptoms in cases where the cancer has recurred locally at the site of the previously performed surgery. And in the event that radiation therapy treatment has not been performed before radiation therapy in breast cancer can be used in the following cases: in cases where conservative.

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