The success of your influencer marketing campaigns is tied to whom you collaborate with. And finding the right influencer is far from easy. To help you, we’ve mapped out six steps you can follow to find the right influencers. But before that, let’s understand whom you’d describe as the “right” one for your brand and why it’s so important. Why is finding the right influencer so important? Simply put, the right influencer is one whose followers are: Authentic. Relevant to your brand and consistently resonate with the content produced (including sponsored posts).

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Below are six easy steps you can follow to find the right influencers. A quick way to find influencers is by creating a list of people who actively produce good content in executive email list your niche. Just a few searches on Google and YouTube can help you discover popular content pieces and their authors. However, a simpler way of finding authors is by using Ahrefs’ Content Explorer, a searchable database of ~11 billion pages. Here are steps you can follow. Remember, these goals will also help you evaluate the performance of your marketing campaign after you run it. 2. Figure out your budget The next step is to allocate a budget for your campaign. Your budget depends on various factors, including the: Type of influencer (mega, micro, macro, etc.) you’re collaborating with.

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Objective and goals The objective behind your influencer marketing campaigns and the goals you want to achieve determine which influencers and channels you should Phone Number SG go after. Hence, it’s important to define them before starting your research. Today, brands run influencer marketing campaigns for new product launches, promoting a sale, brand-building, and more. The goals also vary—from getting more app installs, to website visits, to impressions, to lead generation. For example, for promoting a Christmas sale, you’ll look for Instagram influencers who promote different products on their stories, hence driving instant traffic.

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