has a name: Revenue Operations (RevOps ). Revenue Operations , i.e. the development of those operations linked to business and turnover through the alignment between the marketing, sales and customer success departments, are an asset around which you should seriously think about organizing your company. Today, with the growing attention around customer success , smarketing (alignment between marketing and sales) seems like a practice that remains important but all in all partial. It is a part of the whole. The missing piece is precisely the attention to the customer, his needs and his objectives. In a word, customer success .

Reasons to adopt a revops process

Let’s say that aligning marketing and sales serves to organize internal processes and has an advantage in terms of optimization, with a slight impact on the customer. We know, in fact, that lack of alignment generates not only internal problems Czech Republic Phone Number List but too often a series of service hiccups that directly impact the customer experience. Aligning marketing, sales and customer success means not only having more efficient internal processes but also changing the mentality: from company-centric to customer-centric. Here is Revenue Operations : a holistic approach to customer management , which impacts the various company departments and has customer success as its objective.

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How to build a Revenue Operations

Because his success is your success. This new management of the relationship between departments and the relationship with customers Mexico Phone Number List generates at least 2 new situations in the company: Cultural change and the need to manage the change process: this means acting both on people (training, coaching and coaching) and on technology, with the adoption of tools that are able to help us manage the entire life cycle of a customer across all company departments Creation of a dedicated team , new professional figures capable of knowing and managing customers: the figure of the customer success manager (CSM) was born who stands between the company and the customer as a consultant oriented towards their satisfaction who takes care of the onboarding process (which becomes crucial in managing the relationship) and the possible redefinition of the product/service.

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