The dentists of the “acibadem sistina” hospital advise you that the best solution for this problem is to perform a dental implant. In the following.  Therefore, You will read 9 reasons why you should decide to have a dental implant. Imitate the natural tooth – all implant systems are designed for the ideal replacement of the missing tooth. On which the prosthesis is prepared. Which will restore your confidence and smile. Durability – dental implants are biocompatible. That is. Not harmful to the body. Therefore.  If they are placed professionally. And if the entire procedure is planned by the whole team .

 Perform a dental implant

Restoration of the natural shape of the face and smile – if you are missing some teeth. The contours of the face can be changed. Giving you an Iceland Phone Number List older appearance. Dental implants are designed to give a natural shape to your face and smile. Protection of healthy bone – empty spaces in the mouth after the loss of one or more teeth. Causes the loss of bone volume. Implants are the best option to save it. And with it the normal function and appearance of the facial skeleton. Therefore, If the bone has already been lost and you want to place an implant. There is a solution for that too. From the dentist for implants. For prosthodontics and from the dental technician) and if you. Take care and maintain good hygiene, they can last a lifetime.

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Restoration of the natural 

Problems with removable dentures – wearing dentures should be avoided. Therefore, You will not need to worry if the prosthesis is unstable. If it Belize Phone Number List will fall out of your mouth and you will have to use different adhesives to avoid these problems. Therefore, The hygiene of dental implants is the same as that of natural teeth. Speak easily – implants work like natural teeth. And do not hinder you while speaking, while the same cannot be said for dentures. Therefore, Eat your favorite food and enjoy the flavors without any hesitation – with a dental implant you can taste any type of food, you can bite into an apple. Therefore, And food will not collect under your dentures.

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