Stereotactic radiosurgery is a very powerful and precise radiotherapy. Instead of repeating with low doses, in radiosurgery. The tumor is treated with a high-dose fraction of radiation. By means of radiosurgery, the dna of the tumor is destroyed. Making it possible for the tumor cells not to develop and not to spread. This type of radiation therapy is usually used in the treatment of brain tumors. It is the only therapy for the treatment of tumors located in those parts of the brain that are not reached. And cannot be removed by surgical intervention. Radiosurgery is an alternative to classical surgery. How are brain tumors treated with radiosurgery.

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The brain tumor is treated with only one fraction. Therefore, we give a large radiation dose with maximum protection of the Vietnam Phone Number List surrounding healthy organs. To perform or apply such treatment, the professionalism and preparation of the team of oncologists and radiotherapists, as well as medical physicists, is necessary. During brain tumor treatment, precise and focused radiation is provided. How is the patient prepared before the treatment? For the application of this treatment, the patient’s head is immobilized (so that it does not move) ensuring a correct position during the treatment. At the same time, computer tomography is performed, in order to locate the location of the tumor.

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During the treatment period, the accelerator rotates around the patient. Delivering high doses of radiation to the area where it has been China WhatsApp Number List marked or precisely defined before by the team of specialists, which includes radiologists. Oncologists and neurosurgeons. In which cases is radiosurgery used.the doctor determines to which patients radiosurgery can be applied. The doctor’s decision depends on the type, size and location of the tumor. Radiosurgery is also used in the treatment of brain tumors which are located in inaccessible areas, and which cannot be treated by surgery. Also, radiosurgery can be used in the treatment of some benign changes in the brain.such as arteriovenous malformations.

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