If you haven’t been paying attention to doing exercises and you think that cellulite is to blame for the fact that you can’t wear your short clothes. Radio frequency is the savior you need. This makes it possible for you to successfully deal with cellulite and local adipose (fat) layers. How radio frequency works. Therefore, Where it is applied and how many treatments are necessary to achieve a perfect shape of your body. We received answers from dr. Therefore, Andrej petrov,t the  clinical hospital. What is radio frequency radiofrequency is a new technology which in recent years has gained priority in the non-invasive. Treatment of cellulite and local adipose (fatty) layers.

The advantage of radio frequency

It is performed with deep and controlled heating using radio waves. The treatment is carried out by means of a probe. Which passes over the surface of the skin through all those areas or parts in which there is cellulite. Therefore, Making it possible to achieve tissue strengthening and increase blood circulation. Thus, the fatty layers are Indonesia Phone Number List drained (drained) through the lymphatic system. Making it possible to eliminate cellulite. The temperature on the surface of the skin reaches up to 40 degrees. While in the deepest layer it can reach up to 60 degrees. What parts or areas can be treated. Radio frequency serves to remodel and strengthen all parts of the body.

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that it treats muscles individually

It can be used to treat problematic parts that have fatty layers and cellulite. Before starting the treatment. Therefore, Oil or gel is applied to the skin so that the probe slides through the body. With this procedure, all parts of the body Bolivia Phone Number List that have weakened (such as after childbirth) can be treated and it gives perfect. Results in cases of loss of toning of the chest, thighs, abdomen, arms and legs. How many treatments are needed and what are the effects. The duration of the treatment is 40 minutes, if cellulite is treated on the legs. Then the treatment time is 20 minutes for each leg. During the treatment the muscles are active as if you have exercised for 3 hours.   Imitating physical activity.

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