Early diagnosis of the disease is important for greater treatment success. Radiotherapy plays a role in the treatment of lung cancer, and is a type of treatment that uses high-energy X-rays to affect cancer cells. Dr. Slavica Kraleve, oncologist at Acibadem Sistina Clinical Hospital, explains that breast cancer treatment can be local such as.  Surgery and radiotherapy and the systematic use of chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy. Radiotherapy in the treatment of lung cancer is performed as a primary treatment before surgery in combination with chemotherapy. In order to shrink the tumor so that it can be removed by surgery.

External radiotherapy

Also radiotherapy plays a role even after surgical France WhatsApp Number List treatment, in order to ensure the best local control of the disease. To reduce the risk of recurrence of the disease in the place where the tumor was removed. Making it possible to reduce the risk of spread of the disease to other organs. Unfortunately, lung cancer is often detected at stages when it is impossible to carry out surgical treatment, and then, radiotherapy. In combination with systemic therapy, is applied as the final treatment, and very often as palliative treatment. In order to control some of the symptoms caused from cancer. Such as difficulty breathing, blood in sputum, and pain.

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Before starting radiotherapy

Before starting radiotherapy before starting Turkey Telegram Number radiation therapy treatment. For each patient it is necessary to prepare for radiation treatment, which includes computer simulation. Computer scan of the chest, in a strictly defined position of the patient, after which the preparation of the plan follows for radiation treatment. Considering that the lungs are organs that move. As a result of inhalation and exhalation, the computer simulation is usually done in three phases. During deep inhalation, deep exhalation and during normal breathing. This enables us to obtain computer images, and to describe the tumor during the three phases the tumor is found outside the volume of the radiation provided.

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