We often use the expression protected as “kidney in fat”. Yes, that’s right, the kidneys are two bean-shaped organs (the size of a fist), they are relatively small vital organs. The kidneys are located in the back of the abdominal organs, are wrapped in fat, and are located in the strong muscles of the lower back. They are a central and functional part of the urinary system. Kidneys are paired organs, if one kidney “fails” or its function is reduced, then the other kidney takes over the function of both kidneys and works without any health consequences.

How do we protect the kidneys

The basic unit of kidney function are “nephrons” which are found in one million in each kidney. The nephron is a bundle of blood capillaries in which the blood is filtered, then it is followed by a complex system of channels in which everything that is South Africa Phone Number List valuable and has managed to pass the filter is reabsorbed (returned back to the body). This means that the kidneys as an organ are very “awake” and “thrifty” as they do not allow a single gram of fluid to be wasted. What is their function? The kidneys perform many important and complicated functions. They process 200 liters of blood per day, while their final “product” is 1.5 liters of urine.

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Hemodialysis and how is it applied

The kidneys are the perfect station. For filtering the blood and freeing the body from many toxins. As well as regulating the balance of liquids Venezuela Phone Number List and minerals in the body. In addition to this vital function, the kidneys play an important role in regulating blood pressure. Correcting acidity in the body, in the production of the metabolism of many hormones (erythropoietin, calcitonin, renin). As well as playing an extremely important role in thermoregulation the body. Kidneys are a very important “conductor”, and regulators of many functions in the human body. The kidneys harmonize the internal environment and body fluids so that every cell in our body can function.

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