Some useful questions, tips and Social Media trends 2019/2020 that you should know if you want to succeed next year in Social Media or Digital Marketing. Questions advice You will see answers to some of the questions that many of us. Who work in this sector ask ourselves, and advice so that you are aware of what may come in 2020 on social media. A few days ago I participated in a Semrush webinar on Social Media Trends 2019-20 with great professionals such as Fernando Rubio, Leti Grijó and Pedro Rojas, where many tips were shared to apply on our social networks in 2019 and 2020. If you want to see the webinar, at the end of the post you have the video.

And for this webinar

We had some very interesting questions prepared by the host Leti and that we have not commented on since there was a lot of debate with the audience and they sent company data many questions that the experts have answered. And I thought it would be a shame if the answers (in this case mine), or what I had prepared according to each question, were left in the drawer. For this reason, I have written this post with some of the ones that I think are most interesting in case they are useful to any of you. So here are some of my answers, tips and social media trends 2019-20. There are still companies that have not realized that communication on social networks must be close, friendly and informal.

Questions advice language

You already have email or other types of channels. Networks are there to bring you closer to the consumer, create closeness. Dialogue and only later think about Phone Number SG selling something. Don’t go headlong into wanting to sell or you won’t achieve anything. Many don’t even know why they are there. Before launching into a social network or a social media strategy. Do a study (which networks your target audience is on, which ones are your. Competitors on, which ones work for them and which ones don’t, what type of service or. Product you are going to offer and which network best suits that product, etc.).

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