For the successful operation of the only department of this type in terms of private hospitals, in the counlinical hospital. Since when has the neonatal intensive care department been operating at the clinical hospital and what is its purpose? It has the most modern modes of mechanical ventilation, non-invasive models of mechanical ventilation, total parenteral and enteral nutrition. With the investment in the most modern transport incubator, the department also offers opportunities for the transport of critically ill newborn children. The department takes care of the health and well-being of the newborn regardless of whether the child is in critical condition or not, a premature baby or a baby who needs special monitoring.

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Since the opening of the clinical hospital, the neonatal intensive care department has started its operation, with which we have become the only private hospital with such an activity in Macedonia and in the wider regions. What are the conditions Indonesia Phone Number List treated in this department? In our department, premature babies are treated, conditions related to immaturity – asphyxia, feeding problems (the need for a special feeding regimen), infections, as well as conditions that require post-surgical care for newborns who have need for surgical treatment. What is the smallest weight of the surviving babies who received care in this department.

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Indications for emergency transport

One of the smallest surviving babies who already has a good. Quality life with minimal sequelae is a baby born with a body weight of 670 grams. This baby is now 3 years old and has normal growth and development. When it comes to the youngest surviving baby in our intensive care. It is the baby born at the 25th week of gestation. The baby had complications Brazil Phone Number List which are expected for this maturity. However these complications have been overcome and the child is now 2.5 years old. With good growth and development. These premature babies. Born so early, usually require a stay and treatment in intensive care unit. From 2-4 months. What equipment does the department have.

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