Vigani is a graphic designer and deals with the creation of advertisements – explains his mother Tevide. Before the accident happened, he went to place the ad with one of his customers. This time it was delayed much longer than the other times, we started looking for him on the phone. He usually answers the phone quickly, this time, we rang the phone 20 times, but Vigani didn’t answer. After two hours, we started to get really worried, and we started to suspect that something was wrong. We started calling you again. We were extremely scared when an unknown voice answered the phone. They told us that they were contacting the police and that our son was in the emergency center.

The patient was admitted 

We left immediately, we don’t even know how fast and how we got there. It was raining, the road was slippery… When we arrived, we couldn’t believe our eyes. There was blood everywhere, his teeth were broken, there were injuries all over his body. The hospital where our son was after the accident had neither the conditions nor the necessary Romania Phone Number List equipment to perform the operation, and normally, we could not allow our son to continue to stay there. We decided to bring him here to the “Acibadem Sistina” clinical hospital in Skopje – said Tevide. In the right place and time “He stayed in the hospital in Pristina for 20 hours. The situation was very critical.

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In the right place and time

His life hung in the balance, 99% chance was lost, there was 1% chance of survival. After 20 hours of staying there, we came to “Acibadem Sistina” by emergency transport, we met with Prof. Dr. Jordan Saveskin and with Dr. Neda Trajkovska, who checked our son, and explained to us what his condition was and how necessary it was to perform the operation. We didn’t know anything about Prof. Saveskin, but we knew that the best doctors Ukraine Phone Number List work here. He welcomed us as if we were the closest people to him, his relationship was both professional and friendly. In the end, everything turned out as he had told us.

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