Product Industry Email List for Market Domination

You must pass all the niches that you Product Industry have obtained through this tool. Export them and merge them all in the same Excel. You will have something similar to this that I show you. I have hidden some columns so that all the fields that. I need to explain can be clearly seen in the image. The Domain Rating, this little number with which. We can see the authority of a domain, if you find two niches that are on equal. Terms, this metric can help you rule out one of them. The lower it is, the better. Do follow domains will give us an idea of ​​the money. That the niche owner may have invested in the project, but be careful because there are niches in which a lot has been invested and through.

This little number with Product Industry which we can see the authority of a domain

Content it can be easily entered industry email list because it is not a complete project. The positioned KWs, this metric is more important to me and I will explain it to you below. Total traffic, another important metric that will help us decide. Why are they important metrics? If you think about positioned keywords and web traffic, we can have a very clear idea of ​​the work behind it, but also how grateful that work is. In order to see which niche can return us the most, we are going to divide the traffic by the number of keywords. Example: Niche.

DR and linked domains, what niche would you attack

Traffic between 2,500 keywords Phone Number SG will give us 22 Niche 2 –> 150,000 traffic between 25,000 keywords will give us 6 Assuming the same DR and linked domains, what niche would you attack? To begin with, I would go to the first safe niche, because under the same conditions and focusing on objective data I can capture a higher average of traffic for each keyword I position. What data may be interesting to help us decide? How the niche ranks (you can know the time it takes to position) Number of niche URLs (you will know the time/money it will cost you to finish it)

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