Skipping heartbeats can be a sign that something is wrong with your body, and that you need to change something in your lifestyle, and in case the symptoms become more frequent, you should definitely consult a doctor cardiologist If this thing appears in young people but not often, in this case there is no place to panic. If this condition appears in older people who have previously had heart problems (stents, pacemakers) it is imperative that this condition be treated and monitored regularly. Troubleshooting In order to establish the diagnosis, it is necessary to take the correct anamnesis (history), nd according to the results obtained, he can recommend therapy or further analysis.

Electrophysiological study

If the EKG shows that everything is normal, while you complain that your heart is skipping heartbeats, you should keep a 24-hour holter monitor. Palpitations may occur if the patient has acute chest disease, congenital heart valve disease, serious heart Bolivia WhatsApp Number List disease, electrolyte status disorders, or non-cardiovascular disease. Anemia, digestive problems, diseases of the thyroid gland, dehydration, fever, insufficient sleep can also be the and then he will suggest that you do an ECG, a cause of skipping heartbeats. Palpitations often occur after experiencing some stress, fear or emotion.

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Note how often they occur, how long they last, whether a skip of the heart rate lasts less than two to three minutes, or only one skip per Belarus Phone Number List week or month. Frequent and prolonged skips of the heartbeat, with or without other symptoms, can cause the appearance of severe arrhythmias, and these patients are at risk of having a stroke. When the heart does not work properly, there is the possibility of blood clots which can cause peripheral embolism (brain, kidneys, intestines). Blood cannot stay in the atria of the heart and causes blockage of blood flow heart pumps blood adequately to all parts of the body.

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