They should avoid all activities that could be harmful to pregnant women and their babies. It is very important to control these activities, starting from sun exposure (exposure to the sun), swimming and other physical exercises. If the pregnancy has a regular course, summer activities will not be able to damage the most beautiful period of a pregnant woman’s life, waiting for the birth of their baby – advises Dr. Zlatko Pallcevski. What are the difficulties that pregnant women feel during the high temperatures of the summer season? Summer brings relaxation and rest to all of us.

Treatment for pregnant

But we face high temperatures during the Brazil Phone Number List summer months with difficulty. Especially pregnant women. On the one hand, pregnancy during the summer months is at an advantage. Due to the fact that during this period the possibility of the appearance of viruses is smaller, also the possibility of injuries during falls while walking is lower. However, some pregnant women have more. Difficulties in the summer, which is more normal considering the fact that the metabolism of pregnant. Women has increased by 20% and the body temperature by 0.5°c. These weather conditions can be difficult and severe for pregnant women. So advice should be given to help them overcome. The heat and air pressure changes more easily.

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Regarding body dehydration

In any case, everything that could be harmful or could cause a problem for the pregnant woman and the baby should be avoided as much Iran Phone Number List as possible. It is very important that every activity is done in moderation, starting from sunbathing, swimming and even physical exercises. If the pregnancy has a normal course, summer activities will not be able to cause problems for the pregnant woman in her most beautiful period of life, waiting for the birth of her baby. What should pregnant women do during swelling of the hands and feet in the summer period? The appearance of swelling during pregnancy is a frequent condition

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