They put our source of financing for entrepreneurs from the SME sector may mainly be regional programs. Large enterprises are also eligible for support in some grants from regional funds. Financing for thermal modernization is also offer by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. As well as a program specifically dedicate to environmental. Protection and transformation of the economy into a more sustainable and low-emission one. FENIKS – European Funds for Infrastructure, Climate, Environment. Support for energy efficiency includes not only subsidies, but also the possibility of obtaining loans on preferential terms. One of such projects is the Energia Plus program, which combines a loan with co-financing.

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What thermal modernization costs are eligible for EU support? Eligible costs for co-financing the thermal modernization – energy efficiency process include the following categories: construction works costs, costs of fix assets, equipment and intangible assets (software), costs Photo Retouching relate to the preparation of the project, costs of investor and author’s supervision, costs of advisory services necessary for the proper implementation of the investment. An investment in thermal modernization usually must result from an energy audit, especially if the investment is to be implement with the involvement of European Funds.

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Such an audit will directly indicate recommendations that should be implement. Energy efficiency means investments and costs also relate to modernization and improvements that introduce new facilities, control systems, installations and technical devices Phone Number SG into plants aim at improving energy efficiency in existing facilities, installations and technical devices, installations enabling the recovery of thermal energy generate during industrial processes or during its production, improving the energy efficiency of technological systems, saving thermal energy and reducing.

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