Adjusting to the Logistical Needs of  a Modular Platform,” He Assures. Ángel Also Highlights That Currently the Software Has Supported in Their Operations 500 Companies in the World and More Than 50 in Colombia That Are From Multiple Sectors and Multiple Sizes, Delivering Important Benefits Such as: Reduction of Transportation Costs by 30%. Reduction of Planning Times by Up to 90%. 100% Delivery Traceability. Reductions of Up to 80% in Calls to the Call Center. Savings of Up to 20% in Kilometers Traveled. Reductions of Up to 25% in Rejection Rates.

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Allocated to Liquidate. Complete Notifications to Customers. With the Support of This Type of Platforms, Tools That Have Been Developed Thanks to the Internet, Companies Have More Efficient Solutions to Maximize the Use of Vehicles, Significantly Reducing Kilometers Traveled and Fuel Use. On the Other Hand, Aspects Such as Storage Optimization, Inventory Buy A Motorcycle Owner Mailing List Management, Route Visibility, Capacity and Loading Time Make the Implementation of Artificial Intelligence Even More Attractive for Organizations’ Savings. Although the Logistics Sector Has Introduced Digital Innovations at a Slower Pace Than Other Sectors, the Internet Revolution Has Generated Relevant Advances in Favor of Organizational Growth.

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Currently the Business World Focuses

Its Interest on Companies 2.0, Organizations That Use Emerging Logistics Management Technologies or the Fourth Industrial Revolution , Such as the Aforementioned Platforms That Not Only Take Advantage of the Benefits of Technology, but Have Also Adapted Its Products by Understanding the Needs of Its Customers Anywhere and at Any Time Just Bahrain Phone Number List With a Connection to the Web, So the Challenge is Constant Digitalization and Adjustment to the Advances of the Technological World. Main Photo: Pixabay . Total or Partial Reproduction is Prohibited. What Did You Think of This Article? Yo Ict Impact Editorial One of the Digital Disruptions in Journalism is the Collaborative Vision. Many of Our Journalistic and Editorial Content and Processes.

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