As for the best ways to hike, you should look around you and see how the animal world has adapted to these conditions. Look at the penguins. In snow and ice, they walk with small steps, while they distribute their body weight over the entire surface of the sole (foot). In the newly fallen snow, try to follow the tracks of others. This way you will spend less energy. In areas with more snow, walk with your heels first and then with your toes. This will prevent the foot from sliding forward. Most doctors say that the number of injured people is greater in the period after it has snowed compared to the day when it snows.

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Problems arise when the snow begins to melt, as during the cold evenings it turns into ice. If it snows again, people walk Brazil WhatsApp Number List safely and do not think at all that they may be walking on a frozen surface which is covered by new snow. Choose the right shoes In winter, you should wear shoes with thick rubber soles and spikes. In addition, you should keep in mind that sports shoes that do not slip on dry asphalt are not stable in snow and ice. In addition to shoes with good soles, you should choose shoes that keep the ankle (joint) stabilized as otherwise it can be displaced (strained) very easily. How do you prevent injuries during falls.

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Prevent falls with certain hiking

First you should consider the age and fragility of your body. Falls with the heel (the joint of the upper part of the foot) can be prevented because during the fall we can protect ourselves with the hands. Although you may risk breaking or USA WhatsApp Number List dislocating your hand. These injuries are still much easier than breaking your ankle. That when walking in snow or in frozen areas, you should always have your hands free. So that you can protect yourself. However, it can be dangerous on pavement surfaces and asphalt roads. Tactics and necessary winter gear, and if you do happen to fall. Learn how to protect yourself to prevent serious injuries or fractures.

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