Small introduction before continuing. If you want to understand how an agency is made, continue reading. If, however, you want to change agency and are looking for one, we recommend you read our 16 tips for choosing the right communications agency . The idea of ​​business growth is culturally linked to sales which, of course, is an undeniable fact. Except that sales are often the last mile of the customer journey , be it B2C or B2B. So if sales are actually the moment of closing the contract, what led that customer to that specific choice? It’s difficult to answer, the concept of attribution is an open question and could depend on the sum of dozens of factors: need, urgency, a bad experience

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with the competition, word of mouth and I don’t know what else. Among the factors that help a customer choose, however, we cannot omit either communication or customer experience . It is no coincidence that big brands, successful El-Salvador Phone Number List companies, are able to offer their customers a strong, recognized and recognizable brand and an experience in relationship, product and support management that is basically perfect. This is how communication helps you grow. This is how communication supports sales and helps salespeople close more deals. Choosing an agency should therefore be something more strategic than choosing a supplier solely on the basis of price.

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Not because you necessarily have to spend a lot but because cost cannot and must not be the only factor that guides the choice. If you have to Netherlands Phone Number List choose an agency, therefore, be careful to choose the right one. But how to choose a communication agency? Many times I say that I work in a communication agency and my interlocutors look at me a bit as if I were the one who doesn’t do anything all day. All right. We laugh about it, we joke about how much I spend my days between golf and the swimming pool. The truth is that, as much as I would like it, that’s not really the case.

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