Neurolysis has a long history of application that dates back to 1914. The Celiac plexus or ganglion nerve mix is ​​found hidden in the abdomen in front of the aorta, below the Celiac blood vessels and above the mesenteric blood vessels. Due to its anatomical position, it is difficult to treat, therefore, it requires great precision to perform the intervention. When does neurolysis occur? Neurolysis is done in case the patient has constant pain, which cannot be treated in any other way. The most common causes are the pancreas, malignant diseases of the stomach, esophagus, the origin of which comes from the bile (bile duct) or malignant diseases found in the lymph nodes.

After the intervention

This procedure should not be performed if the Belarus WhatsApp Number List patient has irregular coagulopathy or a reduced platelet count, due to the high risk of bleeding. And if the patient has an aortic aneurysm or unusual exit of the celiac aorta. Performing the procedure. The procedure is performed with previous preparation of the anatomical study of the area in which the puncturing (drilling) should be done. With the help of computer tomography. The position of the needle is controlled by computer tomography. Usually, absolute alcohol is used as a therapeutic agent for neurolysis. The thin needle is inserted or applied in the anatomical area between the celiac blood vessels. Mesenteric vessels and before the aorta.

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Performing the procedure

The patient should be sober (not eating or drinking) and should not be receiving anticoagulant therapy. This area is numbed (so that the patient does not feel pain) and vital functions are monitored. The intervention can be performed on the Spain WhatsApp Number List front or back part of the body. The needle can be followed by repeated footage. Before the therapeutic substance is applied, contrast is given so that the doctor is sure of the location of the needle. Then apply from of pure alcohol. You can feel the effect of the intervention immediately. After the intervention After the intervention, the patient must stay in bed for hours and must be under controof vital organs and blood.


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