Nboarding new  company puts in place to manage the beginning of the relationship with a new customer. In fact, the first 100 days of the relationship with a new customer are fundamental for the foundations of the relationship in the long term. How come we never talked about onboarding and now it’s so important? Well, we hadn’t yet talked about customer success, except in a tangential way. Let’s start by saying that the onboarding process is not specific to B2B nor is it specific to B2C . In fact, the starting point is precisely the opposite: given that on an emotional level a customer’s purchasing journey is almost identical , whatever purchase he is making, we will not make any distinction.

Phase 1 of customer success

For a moment, let’s consider customers as an abstract entity who all experience and interact with a product in the same way: we are talking not Cyprus Phone Number List about the customer experience, the way they use the product, but about the emotional journey they begin to experience when they decide to buy something . This journey consists of 8 phases and the onboarding process should address each phase in order to keep the customer experience at its best. Content index Phase 1, the evaluation Step 2, admit you have a problem Phase 3, buyer’s remorse Step 4, activate the relationship Step 5, adapt to the new relationship Phase 6, the result of your work Phase 7, adoption and creation of a long-term relationship.

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Manage customer relationships

Onboarding: the 8 phases The first 100 days of the relationship are those that will define (net of serious problems) the progress of the business Malta Phone Number List relationship. Now, the real question to ask is: why, knowing the phases of each customer’s emotional journey, are few companies able to successfully ferry a customer along the entire journey? Assessment . This is the moment when the customer is studying you. He wants to understand whether to start doing business with you, what to expect and what the relationship will be like. It’s time to show that you can meet all of his needs and provide a great customer experience. Admission .

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