Several thousand babies have been created by the team of doctors in the department of assisted reproduction in. Mala bogorodica” in the clinical hospital “acibadem sistina”. They have given happiness to many families around the world. To those parents who succeeded in in vitro from the first attempt. But also to those who persistently tried again and again until they managed to have children. The statistics of the in vitro fertilization (ivf) department for more than a decade are equal to the world average – over 12,000 cycles. 4,500 births and over 55% clinical pregnancy. Dr. Slobodan llazarevski, head of the assisted reproduction department.

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the person who is as happy as the patients themselves at every positive pregnancy test.  Warns that more and more and more and more Mexico Phone Number List younger patients lose ovarian function. Dr. Llazarevski, what does your experience show, is the number of couples who seek help from modern medical techniques to have children increasing? A few years ago, only those who had financial means could use the method of assisted reproduction. This is an expensive method, one procedure together with the treatment costs more than 2,000 euros. Since the state became involved in the participation of these procedures, even those people who could not afford this procedure financially, now have the support of the Health Insurance Fund.

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I don’t have statistics, and neither does the state keep these statistics regarding the increase in the number of sterility in men or women. In terms of my experience, i don’t have any such impression. The percentage of couples who cannot Cameroon Phone Number List give birth to children. In a certain period of their joint sexual life, i think is not increasing. Has the age limit for women who become pregnant for the first time increased. Perhaps because of the way of life, because of the strong attitude of women to have children later. The birth age limit for women increases. The average here is around 37 years old. With the increase of the reproductive potential in women. Through the donation of egg cells, the age of the woman to become a mother increases.

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