A woman’s heart has always been considered more sensitive than a man’s heart. Actually this is true. A woman’s heart is smaller, more sensitive to changes, and more difficult to withstand a heart attack compared to a man’s heart. Despite the fact that it has always been considered that men are more susceptible to heart disease, half of women worldwide die as a result of cardiovascular disorders over the age of 40. 60 grams lighter Women’s hearts are smaller than men’s. If a woman’s heart weighs 118 grams, a man’s heart weighs 60 grams more. Thinner and more sensitive veins Women have thinner veins. On average, women’s veins are 1 mm thinner than men’s.

Hidden and various symptoms

More frequent skipping of heartbeats (palpitations) The structure of the woman’s heart valves is weaker than that of men. Valve disorders and palpitation problems are more common in women. Hidden and various symptoms Diagnosing heart El Salvador WhatsApp Number List disease in women is more difficult, because clear symptoms do not appear. Often, the EKG test gives normal results. If chest pain is characteristic for men, women usually have shortness of breath, weakness, fatigue and bloating. Therefore, diagnosing heart diseases in women is a real challenge. In order to make a diagnosis of a woman’s heart, it is necessary to carry out detailed examinations. They are less susceptible to heart attack A woman’s heart recovers more difficultly after a heart attack.

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They are less susceptible to heart

Unlike men, women are more at risk of Russia Telegram Number dying after a heart attack. Beat faster The woman’s heart beats faster. If the average number of heart beats in men is 70-72, in women it ranges from 78-82. More sensitive to medication side effects A woman’s heart is particularly sensitive to the side effects of medicines. The possibility of occurrence of heart rhythm disorders is greater in women than in men. Veins are more resistant to the development of diseases Although they are more sensitive and thinner, women’s veins are more resistant to cardiovascular diseases. Compared to men, there is a 10-year difference in the development of heart disease in women. This difference no longer exists after menopause.

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