Media planning  is given to us by its own definition: brand awareness is the measure of the memory and knowledge that consumers have of a particular brand and its products. Therefore, A fundamental asset in a competitive market. Brand awareness is an aspect that is difficult to measure but is generally one of the most important to pay attention to in communication. Let’s say that it is the asset on which the entire communication strategy is built. The theme of brand awareness recalls various aspects that we have addressed.  Speaking for example of the importance of the company logo in communication. Brand

Brand awareness: definition

Awareness is therefore closely linked to brand recognition and recognition. Leads directly to the trust that customers place in the company from Albania Phone Number List which they decide to buy. The customer journey of each of us tends to start from the search for information and this is one of the crucial moments to influence a purchasing choice: if i have a very high brand awareness. Therefore if i am an already known brand, obviously, it is easier. Not only do i have less difficulty being found. Because if a customer already knows me he will probably go and look for my company and my products directly. The preliminary search for information before purchasing becomes a moment to further. Demonstrate the power of my brand and all the possibilities i can offer.

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What is brand awareness for

If I am a little-known brand, with low brand awareness, I definitely struggle more. This is the time for me to demonstrate my skills, my technology, my customer support and everything I know I have a competitive advantage on. I have to get my client’s attention and somehow earn his trust. But what does brand awareness have to do with trust? And what does trust have to do with the purchasing process? Having a high brand Guatemala Phone Number List awareness , therefore, not only serves to be at the top of the list of companies that a potential customer thinks of when he needs something but also serves to break down the wall of mistrust and simplify the purchasing decision. So brand awareness is basically communication.

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