If defining the audience still seems like a tricky lottery game to you. go back to the buyer personas creat to support your companys marketing communications . In the staircase of the MRACE ® model. brand journalism is plac in the reach and act phases. Where should you start? Writing a good story requires concentration and often a new kind of dication. When you throw yourself into the role of storyteller. you have to be able to let go of excessive marketing enthusiasm.


Promise you will find it rewardinger

Finding a good topic takes time. but be patient. I promise you will find it rewarding. Then. when you find the topic. interview the person who knows it. You should think about the questions carefully. because the contents b2b leads must be rich to be authentic. Below are a few examples of how a story usually begins What kind of feelings did the incident arouse in you? What motivates you to do what you do now? Tell me about the situation and the place when you notic thing X. or thing Y happen


Without any preconceptions

So step out of your bubble and ask without any preconceptions. You can take down the subjects of the stories. file them and compare them. If you want help refining Phone Number SG your companys communication from a communication drowning in the crowd to a more versatile. honest and one that speaks to customers. contact us . Want to get start on your content strategy? Be the first to discover the world of buyer personas. DOWNLOAD THE FREE BUYER PERSONA WORKBOOK GOOD LUCK


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