The interesting thing for us in this blog is that meaning design quickly becomes a question of communication: innovating is not enough, you need to communicate, you need to position a brand in the minds of customers and then it is necessary to maintain that positioning. The concept of innovation is therefore not necessarily linked to the product itself and its evolution but can be considered a true added value linked to the meaning this has for customers. History is full of examples of qualitatively and technologically inferior products which, despite everything, have established themselves on the market to the detriment of their more advanced cousinsetc.

Meaning design: the definition

How did it happen that the market rewarded less technically developed products to the detriment of more performing ones? Because technology isn’t everything, but customers associate different meanings based on their needs. In the case of VHS, the ease of recording your holidays and having a first and albeit rudimentary video editing Bahrain Phone Numbers List system at home. Meaning design and product innovation Innovating is certainly one of the ways in which start-ups and companies try to always remain present in the minds of their customers. There are sectors in which this is more evident than others, even if we can no longer speak of true innovations. Let’s think about the world of smartphones.

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What is meaning design

After the transition from the keyboard to the touch screen and the consequent proliferation of apps, it’s not as if anything sensational really happened from an iPhone 14 to an iPhone 15. Here the key concept that revolves around meaning design immediately emerges: the real innovation was moving from the mobile phone with keypad, which in Italy Phone Number List our minds was a telephone, to the smartphone (with apps and everything) which in our minds is a companion life, which at any moment is ready to let us read emails, look for information, chat with our friends. There are therefore 2 types of innovation: incremental innovation, which is in fact an evolution of the functionality of a product  and disruptive innovation, such as the transition from the mobile phone to the smartphone just mentioned.

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