Marketing automation is one of the highest moments in the digital development of marketing. Marketing (and actually sales) automation allows companies greater customization of messages and control of all the touchpoints of their communication ecosystem. To summarize in a few words, marketing automation allows you to take the concept of one to one marketing to the extreme. Personalizing a large part of the buyer’s journey and optimizing the customer experience. Thinking about tackling a marketing automation project often paralyzes decisions because it is considered an unnecessary. Expense and an element of complexity to add to the current difficulties faced in the company.

Marketing automation: why it is important

Obviously we must not start seeing marketing (not just marketing automation) as a pure and simple cost otherwise we won’t go anywhere. You might as well focus on something else. The scope of marketing automation is very. Broad and includes 3 aspects from which it can be developed: strategy. Technology and people. We will see later how these 3 aspects influence each other for the success (or failure) of the operation. How do you build a welcome workflow. Discover the free ebook the next big things in cookware trends marketing Armenia Phone Number List automation for b2b. The automation of some marketing activities in b2b is an important and fundamental step for the correct. Application of the marketing and communication strategies that have been studied.

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Why create a marketing automation strategy

In fact, marketing automation helps us carry out, without further waste of time, some basic and repetitive operations, operating, if necessary, on a large scale. Email marketing and newsletter management , management of contact lists within the CRM and lead scoring (giving an engagement score to each lead based on their Hungary Phone Number List digital behavior) are just some examples. Not to mention that automation becomes fundamental if there is an inbound marketing and sales strategy behind it .  Allows for high customization because, contrary to what one might think, it helps to manage different touchpoints in the different phases of the buyer’s journey, for example by providing different contents based on the level (high or low) of predisposition to purchase.

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