With a clear understanding of the skills of each candidate, managers can make hiring decisions based on predefined measures. For example, some companies may decide that product knowledge is optional and agents can get it through training. The willingness to learn, on the other hand, can be a mandatory skill. If the candidate does not like to gain knowledge he will not be able to understand the product and its updates.

High reliability and security options

The type of contact center assessment becomes smarter so it can latest database evaluate any skill based on what we mentioned above. These include Personality Skills Assessment Recruitment software to evaluate all of the above personality skills. It does some assessments through live video interviews to analyze body language and assess agent ’ skills. It can also evaluate agents by texting.

You will need technical and administrative knowledge

Another form of customer service assessment is to mimic the reality that candidates Phone Number SG may face when answering clients and to assess candidate reactions. In addition, AI tests candidates for cognitive skills such as memory continuous learning and multitasking. In a multi-task assessment, candidates are required to complete some tasks simultaneously for a limited period of time.

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