Today’s “super women” give the maximum for care and success to the family and pay almost too little attention and time to themselves and their health. They often feel headaches, other health problems, and still do not decide to seek the help of a doctor. Doctors at the “Acibadem Sistina” clinical hospital advise all women to perform preventive checks which are considered mandatory, since only performing these checks can save your life. Mammography and breast echo The earlier breast cancer is detected, the greater the chances of its cure. Every woman or girl over the age of 25 should have regular echo checks, while over the age of 36-40 they should have a mammographic check once a year.

The risk of this cancer increases 

Mammography contains low doses of radiation and can detect small Uruguay Phone Number List tumors that cannot be detected by touch and do not cause any symptoms. What is most important to mention is that a large percentage of these tumors can be cured. PAP physical The PAP test is the easiest way to prevent cervical cancer. This is the only cancer that occurs because of the HPV virus. During the PAP test, a sample is taken from the cervix, which is then sent for laboratory analysis. If the presence of HPV is confirmed, typing is done, which determines the type of virus. Depending on the result, your doctor will give you further instructions in order to prevent cervical cancer.

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High blood pressure

Dexa scan After menopause, women lose Canada WhatsApp Number List some of their bone mass. As a result, the bones become weaker and can break even during the lightest fall. Osteoporosis can be diagnosed very easily with the Dexa scan. With the help of this device, the density of the bones is measured and their stability or strength can be detected. Every woman over the age of 50 should definitely have regular check-ups for osteoporosis. In this way you will prevent disease and broken bones which require a long period to heal and rehabilitate. Women at high risk of osteoporosis are recommended to be screened at a younger age. Dermatological controls Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer which initially does not show any symptoms.

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