It works on the principle of a strong magnetic field, radio frequency and produces detailed images of organs, soft tissues, bones and internal structures. Through this procedure, doctors can examine all parts of the body and determine the presence of certain diseases. According to Dr. Maja Stojčevska Çapova, radiologist, magnetic resonance gives accurate information about the breast, which cannot be achieved by ultrasound and mammography, but still, so far, it is not considered a substitute for them, but is used as an additional tool. Screening with maximum sensitivity Magnetic resonance imaging is an excellent tool for screening breast cancer.

MRI after chemotherapy

The sensitivity of this method in the detection of Iran Phone Number List malignant tissue ranges from. Nlike standard methods such as mammography and ultrasound. Where sensitivity, depending on many factors such as breast density, can even go down to 47%. The increased risk also includes the presence of breast cancer in two or more relatives of the same family line. The appearance of breast cancer at an early age under the age of 45 in one of the members who are part of the first line of the family. The presence of a family member with breast cancer, colon cancer or ovarian cancer. Patients who have previously had breast cancer or pre-cancerous.

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Magnetic resonance for silicone

Conditions of the breast are considered to be at increased risk. Your doctor can look at your family history, find out about other additional Bosnia And Herzegovina Phone Number List risk factors. And advise you on what personal plan you should follow for preventive checks. Diagnosis of anomalies sometimes, abnormalities that are detected by mammography and ultrasound. Can be further analyzed by magnetic resonance. A significant part of them, due to the limitation of these techniques. May show false grains or glands (due to the overlapping of shadows from the mammographic position, asymmetry, distortion). Through this examination, the real existence of suspicious foci can be determined. As well as if it is necessary to do a biopsy.

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