The reason for this is its late diagnosis. Screening, which is a regular practice in many countries, is the best way to find a timely diagnosis. Early detection significantly increases the chances of recovery. In the following, Prof. Dr. Zoran Trajkovski, radiologist at the “Acibadem Sistina” clinical hospital, explains in more detail the screening program for examining this type of cancer. Early diagnosis by computed tomography The screening program is used for recording/filming those patients who belong to the risk group, using low doses of radiation. “Lung cancer is a serious disease, which if not detected in time, results in death.

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With its timely detection, the possibility of recovery and survival increases significantly. The lung cancer screening program is the best way to detect the disease. In America, this screening has been implemented and it is expected that the Canada Phone Number List number of mortality cases will be reduced” – explains Prof. Dr. Trajkovski. In which persons is the screening used? The screening program is used for people who have a greater risk of being affected by such a disease. According to Prof. Dr. Trajkovski, this group includes: People over the age of 55 – 80 years People who are active smokers as well as those who have given up smoking, but have consumed it for a long time.

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People who have been cured of lung cancer 5 years ago. People who have had family members affected by lung cancer in their family Australia Phone Number List people who have lung disease (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, exposure to asbestos). Screening at “acibadem sistina” the “acibadem sistina” clinical hospital has the sophisticated. Computer tomography machine, which uses the smallest radiation dose up to 40%. A special program is installed in this device. By means of which radiation is released in a very low dose for the safe screening of lung cancer. If you notice the following symptoms.see your doctor immediately in most cases lung cancer symptoms appear at a later stage.

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