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The the Presence and Role of Women in a Field That Has Historically Been Dominat by Men and to Encourage Gender Diversity in the Technology Industry . The Promotion of “ Ict Women ” Seeks to Promote Equal Opportunities and the Active Participation of Women in This Sector. Causes of the Gender Gap in the Ict Sector in Colombia in Colombia, Only Out of Students in Technology-relat Careers Are Women. This Was Evidenc by a Study Carri Out by the Consulting Firm Michael Page on the It Labor Market in Latin America. The Country Occupies Fourth Place in Terms of Female Participation in It Markets in the Region.

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Specific Areas According to Dane, the Participation of Women in the Field of Research is Only . In Areas Such as Natural and Exact Sciences, They Represent , and in Engineering and Technology, . Cultural Factors and Engineering Directors Email List Stereotypes Some of the Causes Associat With the Low Participation of Women Are Found in Cultural Factors. For Example, Biases Still Persist That Underlie Family Aspects, Such as Parental Beliefs and Expectations, or Social and Cultural Norms Relat to Gender Equality and Stereotypes Shown in the Mia. Barriers in the Technology Sector a Study Carri Out by the Inter-american Development Bank (Idb) in Alliance With Laboratoria.

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Barriers to Incorporating More Women in Sectors Such as Technology Are the  System, the First Entry Into the Labor Market, Gender Biases, the Difficulty of Permanence, Among Others. However, Although Some Are Specifically Japan Whatsapp Number Relat to the Labor Market in General, Others Are Specific to the Technology Sector. Stereotypes and Discrimination One of the Gender Stereotypes is Relat to Men Being More Competent Than Women in Areas Such as Mathematics and Computing, or Women’s Capacity for Logical-mathematical Reasoning. Another Factor That Hinders the Advancement of Women in the Technology Industry is Job Discrimination. Women Face Barriers.

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