Lead generation is therefore one of the vital activities for practically every business. But how do you do lead generation ? In different ways, both digital and in the real world. For example, trade fairs have always been an important means through which to generate contacts. Their effectiveness, then, remains to be evaluated. However, lead generation tends to mean collecting data digitally. Methodologies such as inbound marketing were created specifically for this purpose. Therefore assets such as content, landing pages, CTAs can be organized precisely to collect contacts to fuel sales. In this context, having a website, obviously, is no longer sufficient.

What it takes to do lead generation

Today a site must be able to perform a commercial function 24 hours a day. But to convert visitors into loyal customers, it is crucial to optimize your Thailand Phone Number List website for lead generation . To be able to do this you need at least: Measure and improve lead generation : First, evaluate your site’s current performance in lead generation. Use tools like Google Analytics to track the leads you get and use monthly data comparisons to evaluate your progress. Also consider implementing A/B testing on your landing pages to identify the most effective elements. Maximize visibility through SEO : An effective SEO strategy is essential to improve the visibility of your site.

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Lead generation: what tools

Use the keywords most relevant to your industry in both the content and meta elements of your site, such as titles, subtitles and descriptions. Also make sure your site is optimized for speed and mobile-friendliness. Optimize every stage of the Estonia Phone Number List customer journey : analyze the customer’s journey on your site. Make sure that Call-to-Action (CTAs) are clear and visible, that landing pages are engaging and free of technicalities and that Thank You Pages offer added value. Test different layouts and messages to see what works best. Maintain constant contact with leads : After generating a lead, it is essential to maintain constant communication. Use email marketing tools to send relevant content, such as blog articles, e-books, and webinar invitations.

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