There are signs that show that your body is physically older than your actual years, so you can try yourself to notice this fact in some people you may know. Problems with teeth It’s normal for your teeth to begin to darken and darken starting in your thirties to your fifties, and to experience loss of enamel or sometimes irritated gums. But it’s not normal to lose teeth, have a sore jaw, or have bleeding gums. In such situations it is good to visit the dentist, normally you should maintain regular hygiene. Vision not clear After the age of 45 most people use glasses, as they cannot read small letters, and this is normal.

Problems with teeth

But on the other hand, between your thirties and your fifties, it’s not normal to not be able to see people’s faces clearly because your vision Macedonia WhatsApp Number List blurs or your vision becomes limited, you feel like you’re in a tunnel. If you face such symptoms, you should definitely contact your doctor. Joint pain If you are 30-50 years old, and you ever feel pain in your back or joints, you should consider that your health is on the right track. But, if you feel severe pain in your back and joints when you are lifting something or when you get up from the place where you are sitting, it is better to go to the doctor.

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Excessive fatigue after 

Memory problems The fact that we sometimes forget someone’s name or can’t remember where we put our car keys is completely normal. But if  USA Email List every morning you look for your car in the parking lot, or you hardly recognize some people, or you mistakenly put your keys on the refrigerator instead of in the drawer, then the situation is alarming. Memory problems are part of the aging process, but if you really notice that you forget very often, this could be an early sign of dementia mental illness that occurs due to age or due to some diseas.

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