Increased vaginal discharge usually occurs as a result of vaginal infections . They appear starting from a younger age to an older age . The increase in vaginal secretions can also be non-infectious in nature, due to the increased secretion of the vaginal and cervical mucus, especially during the ovulation period. If not treated properly. Vginal infections can also cause other side effects such as sterility, spontaneous abortion, premature birth (in pregnant women), inflammation of the pelvic organs and systemic disorders. Vaginal infections appear during the reduction of local and systemic immunity such as sexually transmitted diseases – during frequent changes of sexual partners, during tight and synthetic.

Vaginal infections appear during

Clothing, lack of hygiene, poor nutrition, long-term use of antibiotics and other drugs. In normal cases, the vaginal mucosa is covered with. Saprophytic bacteria of the type of lactobacillus-that doctors call lactic acid and acidify the vaginal Malaysia WhatsApp Number List environment up to 4 ph. Which prevents the development and growth of pathogenic bacteria. And mold. Any disorder of vaginal acids causes disorder of vaginal flora, growth of pathogenic bacteria. Mold and appearance of vaginal infection. The most common causes of vaginal infections are:the rarest genital infections in us are gonorrhea, syphilis, aids. Hepatitis b and c. All these infections belong to the group of sexually transmitted diseases, and it is extremely important to detect and treat them in time.

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Any disorder of vaginal acids

For the prevention of infections, it is necessary to carry out gynecological checks in order to detect and treat them in time. Some of the infections are also detected through the pap test candida. Trichomonas vaginalis, while for other infections, specific microbiological samples are taken . Depending on the results obtained. Your gynecologist will Armenia Phone Number List prescribe the appropriate therapy (local or systemic) just for you or even for your partner. In order for the treatment of vaginal infections to be effective, it must be carried out by professional persons and not decided by yourself. After carrying out antibiotic therapy or antimycotic therapy. It is good to continue with immunostimulants. With local and systemic lactobacillus and with vitamin therapy.

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