The normal value of triglycerides should not exceed the value above 150. Values ​​between 150-200 are considered as values ​​belonging to the high limit. High values ​​are values ​​200-500, while values ​​higher than 500 are considered high dangerous values. They usually have no symptoms High triglyceride values ​​in most patients do not cause symptoms. Therefore, If the disorder of values ​​occurs as a result of genetic predisposition, fatty deposits called xanthomas are observed in patients. In rare cases, hypertriglyceridemia can cause inflammation of the pancreas, which can cause sudden and severe abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, and fever.

They usually have no symptoms

What can cause triglycerides. There are many reasons Nepal WhatsApp Number List that can cause an increase in triglyceride values ​​such as weight gain, uncontrolled blood sugar. Thyroid gland diseases, kidney diseases, excessive intake of foods that are used to burn calories, excessive consumption of alcohol. One of the causes is the taking of certain medicines such as: steroids. Therefore, Estrogen, beta-blockers, diuretics, contraceptive tablets… In some patients, high triglyceride values ​​may be inherited from the family. Before taking the medicine. It is recommended to reduce the values ​​naturally the first recommendation that the family. Doctor will give you is to pay attention to food and lifestyle. This means introducing a diet that does not contain fat accompanied by physical activity.

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What can cause triglycerides

What you should be careful about is reducing the introduction of sugar in food. Reduce alcohol consumption, as it has a big impact on fat levels, the same goes for smoking. Therefore, Fish consumption and supplements rich in omega Venezuela Phone Number List fatty acids help reduce fat. Medicines are also used to reduce triglyceride values, but first attempts are made to reduce their value in a natural way by means of the tips mentioned above. Therefore, Medicines are recommended for patients at risk of developing coronary diseases. Therefore, The treatment also depends on the cholesterol values ​​in the blood, and on the evaluation of the risk factors for the development of coronary and heart diseases.

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