The Educations, but Neither of Them Gave Me What I Needed. As a Result, I Created My Own Unique Therapy System Based on Drawings and Meditation. We Don’t Just Draw; They Teach Us to Determine a Psychological Portrait in Universities, and I Can Do That Too. I Went Much Further. My People Not Only Create Drawings, They Also Redraw Them Under My Guidance. When a Person Changes His Drawing, This Spectrum of His Real Life Really Becomes Qualitatively Different. But You Need to Know How to Do It Correctly, Understand What Each Symbol in the Picture Means, and Convey Its Essence in the Drawing as Our Subconscious Correctly Sees. Then There Will Be a Result.

I’ve Been Doing This

Successfully for Over Years Now. How Did the Idea for a Meditation Project Come About? Last Year I Took a Three-month Course “marketing Summer”. I Had Never Done Online Projects Before, but I Had a Lot of Ready-made Ideas. During the Event Planner Email List Course, We Decided That We Could Create Something That No One Had Ever Done Before. I Left the Course With a Completed Project About Meditation. This is Not Just Relaxation, When a Person Receives Some Pleasant Emotions and Watches Interconnected Pictures, Like in a Movie. This is a Practice With Which You Can

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Change Your Life You Achieve

Such Mastery, for Example, at a High Level of Yoga – and for  for Ten Years or Live Only by This, Without Touching the Social World. But in the Modern Fast Flow of Life, People, as a Rule, Do Not Have Ten Years to Comprehend Very Czech Republic Phone Number List Important Things: We Have Families, Children – All This in Real Life, and There is No Opportunity to Be Deeply Involved in the Process of Meditation. And I Created a System That Allows Ordinary People Who Have Never Had Any Such Experience to Meditate, and at the Same Time Very Deeply.

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