The duration of this procedure varies from method to method, but lasts from 20-40 minutes. After the procedure is completed, the findings are considered benign, suspicious (atypical) or malignant. All breast diseases are initially diagnosed by needle biopsy. How is it implemented? Before performing the biopsy, local anesthesia is applied to the breast and a sufficient number of tissue samples are taken from the suspected areas using different needles. If breast cancer is detected in the biopsy result, the patient must be operated on again. However, in women with suspicious findings, the risk of cancer detection averages around .

The accuracy of this method

In other words, in the majority of patients, it does not result in cancer. If the disease is found to be benign by means of a needle biopsy, the patient saves many unnecessary procedures, such as unnecessary anesthesia, does not need to be Egypt WhatsApp Number List operated and does not need to stay in the hospital. Needle biopsies can be applied with the help of ultrasound, mammography (stereotactic method) or magnetic resonance. Ultrasound is the most recommended procedure because it is a convenient method for both the patient and the doctor, there is no radiation and the needle can be followed all the time by the screen.

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Considering that the needle

Biopsy of the findings obtained through mammography is done with the stereotactic method, with the help of mammography, while biopsy of findings obtained through magnetic resonance can be performed with the help of magnetic Philippines Telegram Number resonance. All over the world, diagnosis of breast diseases is done by needle biopsy. For needle biopsy, the patient receives local anesthesia. After the end of the biopsy, the patient can return home on the same day. Fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) When is it used? This method is usually applied by means of ultrasonography. It is used to remove breast cyst fluid, or to perform a biopsy of the armpit lymph nodes. Biopsy can also be performed for masses that are very small or located very deep inside the breast.

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