Before the COVID crisis, companies did not give much importance to strategy and planning . More progress was made through impulses, market pressures and intuition. In many large companies this was reduced to the annual plan that is designed at the end of the year and in smaller SMEs not even that. But of course, several crises have come in a row and the scenario has completely changed. Companies are trying to make a shift both at a strategic level and in their efforts to digitalize businesses to overcome crises. Many are wondering how things would have changed if they had been better prepared when COVID and the subsequent difficulties hit. To introduce my point of view, let me tell you a story that I have “stolen” from Diego Torres 

How does this story apply to our company?

What factors do you see as key to the rapid reaction of the crew. How can we get our company’s teams to work with that level of coordination, speed and effectiveness. These elements are.  Training, experience, scenarios and planning. The success of your company depends on the performance of the people who make it up This phrase, in addition to being obvious, is . Something that we have to put in our heads. It is true that companies category email list hire people to solve a problem , to fulfill a role within the company. And especially if it is SMEs, where the effort to hire it is greater, they need it to work as soon as they arrive. But it is our

Experience is the basis of high performance

Along with solid training, day-to-day experience is what gives teams the ability to resolve each . Situation with better results. It allows them to avoid mistakes and go on the optimal path. The next step is to get these people to work as a team in a coordinated manner. Strategic definition and execution . Planning in different scenarios Just as we would do in a marketing strategy in which we should have . X actions prepared for possible scenarios (launches, competitor actions, cost optimization, etc.), at the business level we must have our response planned Phone Number SG for different possible scenarios. To do this we can start . From the analysis of our business model . In this study we will point out possible weak points and threats: problems.

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